Data Mining.

What is Data Mining?

Data Mining is the systematic application of statistical methods to large amounts of data (in particular Big Data) with the aim of identifying new cross-connections and trends.

Data is the raw material of the 21st century. In order to trade and profit from them, intelligent software is needed that is integrated into high-performance centres.

Why are we in this business?

Due to the increasing demand from companies for address and data trading, we have decided to participate in this promising business.
In Germany alone there are over 1,000 data brokers selling data to entrepreneurs. The trend in this huge business is to mine quality data. All the more companies have the possibility to sell their products and services in a targeted way.

Personalized advertising is the buzzword for entrepreneurs, as your advertising budgets can be used in a targeted manner. Personalized advertising on mobile platforms is changing the advertising market - it is expected that 25% of all global advertising budgets - USD 573 billion – in other words 143 billion - will flow into this new advertising world in the next few years.

The Data Protection Act is making it increasingly difficult for data brokers. Even the use of artificial intelligence and intelligent algorithm methods cannot circumvent this law. Data Mining is a large business field for WM-POOL AG. With its worldwide network, a concept was developed which meets the high-quality requirements (in the area of qualified data) of the economy

Data Mining is an interesting future investment for WM-POOL AG. 

WM-POOL AG invests in a company which, with its worldwide network, has developed a concept that meets the high-quality requirements (in the area of qualified data) of the economy.


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